Research article published

Hirvasniemi J, Thevenot J, Kokkonen H, Finnilä M, Venäläinen M, Jämsä T, Korhonen R, Töyräs J, Saarakkala S. Correlation of Subchondral Bone Density and Structure from Plain Radiographs with Micro Computed Tomography Ex Vivo. Annals of Biomedical Engineering. 2015, DOI: 10.1007/s10439-015-1452-y.

Academy of Finland grant

ISMRM abstract awarded

Jari Rautiainen’s abstract was awarded with Summa Cum Laude Merit Award at the 23st ISMRM annual meeting.

Doctoral thesis approved with distinction

 M.Sc. (Tech.) Jari Rautiainen successfully defended his doctoral thesis Novel magnetic resonance imaging techniques for articular cartilage and subchondral bone – Studies on MRI relaxometry and short echo time imaging on Friday 20 March 2015 in auditorium MD100, Mediteknia building of University of Eastern Finland, Kuopio. The doctoral thesis was approved with distinction. Professor Bernard J. Dardzinski from University of Pennsylvania, acted as the opponent. The custodian was Professor Miika Nieminen from University of Oulu.

Public defence of doctoral dissertation

MSc Jari Rautiainen will defend his doctoral dissertation titled
Novel magnetic resonance imaging techniques for articular cartilage and subchondral bone : studies on MRI Relaxometry and short echo time imaging
on March 20 starting at 12.00, in Auditorium MD100, Mediteknia Building of the University of Eastern Finland.
The opponent of the dissertation is Professor Bernard J. Dardzinski from University of Pennsylvania and the custodian is Professor Miika Nieminen from University of Oulu.

Seven abstracts accepted for the ISMRM annual meeting

Hanni M, Nissi MJ, Rautiainen J, Saarakkala S, Ellermann J, and Nieminen MT. Determination of correlation time in articular cartilage by T1rho relaxation dispersion. (oral)

Nissi MJ, Michaeli S, Mangia S, Auerbach E, Ellermann J, Lammentausta E, and Nieminen MT. Reduction of magic angle effect for quantitative MRI of articular cartilage in vivo. (poster)

Rautiainen J, Nissi MJ, Salo E-N, Kokkonen H, Michaeli S, Mangia S, Gröhn O, Töyräs J, and Nieminen MT. Response of Quantitative MRI to Artificial Collagen Cross-linking of articular Cartilage. (oral)

Peuna A, Hekkala J, Haapea M, Podlipska J, Nieminen MT, Saarakkala S, and Lammentausta E. Gray level co-occurrence matrix approach for T2 analysis of cartilage in knee osteoarthritis. (oral)

Casula V, Nissi MJ, Autio J, Michaeli S, Mangia S, Auerbach E, Ellermann J, Lammentausta E, and Nieminen MT. Optimization of adiabatic T1ρ and T2ρ for quantification of articular cartilage at 3T. (poster)

Casula V, Autio J, Nissi MJ, Lammentausta E, Michaeli S, Mangia S, Auerbach E, Ellermann J, and Nieminen MT. Validation of adiabatic T1ρ and T2ρ mapping of articular cartilage at 3T. (poster)

Räsänen LP, Zbyn S, Nieminen MT, Lammentausta E, Deligianni X, Bieri O, Trattnig S, Korhonen RK. Importance of Biexponential T2* and Partial Volume Effect Corrections on Quantification of Sodium Concentrations and Fixed Charge Density of Articular Cartilage with 23Na-MRI at 7T. (poster)

Research article published

Kallio-Pulkkinen S, Haapea M, Liukkonen E, Huumonen S, Tervonen O, Nieminen MT.
Comparison between DICOM-calibrated and uncalibrated consumer grade and 6-MP displays under different lighting conditions in panoramic radiography.
Dentomaxillofac Radiol. 2015; 44(5).

Four abstracts for the ORS 2015 annual meeting accepted

Hirvasniemi J, Adjei Y, Thevenot J, Määttä M, Pulkkinen P, Ojala R, Korpelainen R, Saarakkala S, Jämsä T. Femoral Geometry and BMD in Patients With Hip Osteoarthritis and Those With Hip Fracture During a Six-year Follow-up. (poster)

Karhula SS, Finnilä MA, Kauppinen S, Nieminen HJ and Saarakkala S. Effects of Articular Cartilage Constituents on Phosphotungstic Acid Enhanced Micro-CT Imaging. (poster)

Oinas, JMT; Finnila, MAJ; Rieppo, L; Kauppinen, S; Valkealahti, M; Lehenkari, P; Saarakkala, S. Fourier Transform Infrared (FTIR) Microspectroscopy of Human Articular Cartilage With Different Grades of Osteoarthritis. (poster)

Wajiha, B; Podlipská, J; Oinas, J; Karhula, S; Saarakkala, S. Effects of Soft Tissue on Ultrasound Characterization of Articular Cartilage Degeneration: Experimental Study With Clinical Ultrasound Device. (poster)

Two abstracts for the 2015 OARSI world congress accepted (1 oral, 1 poster)

Podlipská, J; Guermazi, A; Liukkonen, E; Lammentausta E; Niinimäki J; Nieminen MT; Tervonen, O; Koski, JM; Saarakkala, S. Diagnostic Performance of Semi-Quantitative Knee Ultrasonography – Comparison with Magnetic Resonance Imaging Osteoarthritis Knee Score (MOAKS): Data from the Oulu Osteoarthritis Study. (oral)

Hirvasniemi, J; Kokkonen H; Thevenot, J; Finnilä, M; Venäläinen, M; Jämsä, T; Korhonen, R; Töyräs, J; Saarakkala, S. Comparison of subchondral bone density and structure of tibia measured from plain radiograph with micro-computed tomography. (poster)

Research article published

Munukka M, Waller B, Multanen J, Rantalainen T, Häkkinen A, Nieminen MT, Lammentausta E, Kujala UM, Paloneva J, Kautiainen H, Kiviranta I, Heinonen A.
Relationship between lower limb neuromuscular performance and bone strength in postmenopausal women with mild knee osteoarthritis.
J Musculoskelet Neuronal Interact. 2014; 14(4):418-24.