Research article published

Munukka M, Waller B, Multanen J, Rantalainen T, Häkkinen A, Nieminen MT, Lammentausta E, Kujala UM, Paloneva J, Kautiainen H, Kiviranta I, Heinonen A.
Relationship between lower limb neuromuscular performance and bone strength in postmenopausal women with mild knee osteoarthritis.
J Musculoskelet Neuronal Interact. 2014; 14(4):418-24.

Miika Nieminen selected as a Fellow of the International Society for Magnetic Resonance in Medicine

Miika Nieminen has been selected to become a Fellow of the International Society for Magnetic Resonance in Medicine for significant contributions to the Society and the discipline of Magnetic Resonance in Medicine.

Research article published

Rautiainen J, Nissi MJ, Liimatainen T, Herzog W, Korhonen RK, Nieminen MT.
Adiabatic rotating frame relaxation of MRI reveals early cartilage degeneration in a rabbit model of anterior cruciate ligament transection.
Osteoarthritis and Cartilage 2014:22:1444-1452

Jérôme Thevenot invited as a research collaborator as the ETH Zurich

Jérôme Thevenot, Ph.D., has been invited for a period of three weeks in the Institute for Biomechanics at the ETH Zurich (Switzerland). A travelling grant has been awarded for the whole stay.

Research article accepted for publication

Thevenot J, Chen J, Finnilä M, Nieminen M, Lehenkari P, Saarakkala S, Pietikäinen M.
Local Binary Patterns to Evaluate Trabecular Bone Structure from Micro-CT Data: Application to Studies of Human Osteoarthritis. Lecture Notes in Computer Science (2014).
Presented at the ECCV 2014 workshop in Zurich (oral presentation).

Research article published

Casula V, Hirvasniemi J, Lehenkari P, Ojala R, Haapea M, Saarakkala S, Lammentausta E, Nieminen MT.
Association between quantitative MRI and ICRS arthroscopic grading of articular cartilage.
Knee Surg Sports Traumatol Arthrosc. (2014).

Simo Saarakkala selected as the Most Distinguished Researcher of the Year at University of Oulu

University of Oulu has selected Simo Saarakkala as the Most Distinguished Researcher of the Year. The award was given by the rector Lauri Lajunen at the Main Opening Event of the Academic Year 2014-2015.

Research article published

Manninen A-L, Kotiaho A, Nikkinen J, Nieminen MT.
Validation of a Mosfet dosemeter system for determining the absorbed and effective radiation doses in Diagnostic Radiology.
Radiat. Prot. Dosim.(2014).

Research article published

Nissi MJ, Lehto LJ, Corum CA, Idiyatullin D, Ellermann JM, Gröhn OH, Nieminen MT.
Measurement of T1 relaxation time of osteochondral specimens using VFA-SWIFT.
Magn. Reson. Med.(2014).

Research article published

Rautiainen J, Nissi MJ, Salo E-N, Tiitu V, Finnilä MAJ, Aho O-M, Saarakkala S, Lehenkari P, Ellermann J, Nieminen MT.
Multiparametric MRI assessment of human articular cartilage degeneration: Correlation with quantitative histology and mechanical properties.
Magn. Reson. Med.(2014).